Keep the words concise and the images overflowing with content. You see everything  you’re meant to see, in the many layers of intention and desire.

My tendency to use strong words to express my understanding of life taught me that editing brings deeper understanding. I rant and then sift through the chaff, lifting out the essential grains of my truth. I love getting help and comments from friends. Each word struck and added indicates progress.

When I write, I rely on spontaneity, trust, trust, trust, and active verbs. So much comes from words. Words assume presence from emptiness… a feeling transforms into a concept, a concept develops into words, words drone on, stepping back from it all reveals structural changes… Rearranging the pieces, the “whole” transforms, shifting and flowing into coherence. Hopefully.

Coherence depends upon the mind receiving the message.


When I create videos, I begin with a concept, then comes  a script, then the images arise from the energy behind the words. I use only original work… my own artwork and fonts, my amateurish photography, my creative suite, and some amazing original music by artists I know personally. With this trance-like process, intuition nudges these videos into being.

I hope they help you find another bit of your own inner spark!

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