shadow of photographer and bicycle wheel

(I had one of those dreams this morning…)

It seems to be the only type of dream I remember these days…

I found myself in a world that so closely resembled this one, I wasn’t sure it was different.

But it was.

(If you’ve read any of the His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman, you know what I mean)

Buildings there began spontaneously bursting into flames (no one was being hurt, thankfully… and no smoke… how cool!), and I knew that meant my time and work there were finished, and it was time to go.

So I called 911 on my mobile, and began to gather my things together, making sure I had the essentials:

…my journals, my bag with my pendulum-making supplies, and my bicycle…

I was done with the phone… no need for it any more.

In the past, in these dreams, I’ve always fretting about making sure I had my wallet as well. Not this time. No need.

As I walked up the hill, I remembered that my son was with me in this world, too.

And he looked exactly the same. Except his name was Wisco.

I found him at the transfer point, looking for me in the crowd. He had my bike! Good man!!!

We met amidst the bustle of confused people scurrying about, turned to walk together, and the dream ended.

It was a good dream.