Greetings, friends! I’ve been “offline” for a while, but things seem to be shifting, and I’m finding more time to write now, thankfully!

I’ve been comparing notes with friends in Spirit Train Chronicles, as we’ve been experiencing some amazing synchronicities in our joint meditations… The following is a comment I made on my friend Lisa’s post.

There is another thing I feel drawn to mention… It may seem off-topic at the moment, but I sense it will connect soon…

Yesterday, KP and I were having a discussion about actually SEEING, like in the same room, with eyes open, the Guides with whom we connect. Such a strong wish so many of us have for this, yet we keep hearing that we must wait a bit longer. I experienced variations of this message from at least 3 sources yesterday.

However, while I’m wishing for a shocking, sudden revelation (my way of saying “get me out of here!”, hahaha!), I HAVE been noticing things with my eyesight vision that are new, and I’m hearing this morning to pay attention.

I’m seeing more energy streaks in the skies, more auras around “objects”, and more mysterious little clouds that appear and disappear suddenly. I’m also seeing more things that seem to flash in the sky: I blink, and they are gone. Sometimes they are lights, sometimes they are more like little solid objects.

I’ve decided to welcome these as indications that yes, windows or portals are opening. Maybe at first they will only be windows, too small to climb through. But I’m hiding onto the vision that eventually we will experience “doorways” through which we will be able to both visit AND gain deeper understandings of Oneness and Love…

I hope this finds you all in good spirits and feeling loved! Have a Wonderful Wednesday!