So the buzz hums over the past few days, about the Earth’s magnetic pole shifting over time. The constellations now hang around in different spots of the heavens than when the Babylonians developed the twelve astrological signs most familiar to us. Astrologers and astronomers go at it again, trying to sort through the context of the quotes, the implications, and who’s producing responsible journalism.

Rumor tells it that most people’s astrological signs (in the West, at least), have changed.

Bombast and conflagration!

I say bravo! I love reminders that this world IS a state of flux, a manifestation of Emptiness.

I visited Wikipedia, and found at least 55 types of astrology listed. Hmmm. Were we ever really certain that we knew our “sign” before this brouhaha?

I was born in early January, which used to be smack-dab in the middle of Capricorn. Now, if I subscribe to the panic about the new signs, I’m smack dab in the middle of Sagittarius. Wow, are there any two signs that are more dissimilar than those?

From Time Newsfeed:

CAPRICORN: “Symbolized by the goat, Capricorn is the epitome of professionalism and traditional values. Capricorns are known to be good managers and hard workers, preferring to stick to practicality and reason in their daily lives.”

SAGITTARIUS: “Archers are energetic yet pensive, frequently seeking the answers to life’s big questions. Sagittarians are extroverts who enjoy the company of others, and they thrive in a constantly changing world.”

Funny: until recently, I’ve lived my life as a devout Capricorn, assuming the role fully, inescapably.

Lately, I’ve lived more like a Sagittarius, and wondered what the heck was going on.

It feels sort of like a chicken-and-egg scenario, and I’m beginning to wonder who’s calling the shots here. Did the major shifts in my life cause the earth to wobble, or did the Earth’s wobble cause my life to change? I am being a bit facetious here, but since I believe the world arises from my mind, my world is sort of rocking right now. Even Rachel Maddow is speaking my truth… And that’s news.

I skimmed a few more articles online, and discovered the expected response from the astrological community: It’s going to be alright. Don’t panic. But I kind of like the idea of becoming Sagittarian… I never liked butting people around with those goat horns… And once again, I kept uncovering more of the he-said-she-said patter of writers scrambling to get to, and reveal, the Concrete Truth.

My favorite article came up fairly randomly, and it shows images of an astrological chart that Kepler (yes, Kepler, one of the bastions of classical astronomy…) generated for a client. Kepler once wrote: “God provides for every animal his means of sustenance – for an astronomer he has provided astrology.”

My goodness! The man played both sides! Slander and calumny! Another certainty laid to waste!

I thoroughly enjoy the intrigue of watching still more assumptions being rent asunder, still more pieces of the puzzle coming together to assemble a world in which I spin along best if I don’t worry about whether the North Pole remains in its proper place, and whether I am inherently professional, good-mannered and practical. Just follow the heart, don’t fret about the constellations.

It’s going to be alright. If your sign’s not changing, then maybe you’re perfect as you are. If it shifted, maybe that’s a hints at what lies ahead for you. Or a nice place you might consider visiting.

I also enjoyed this post on Salon, which the writer modified as new information came to light. Another example of transformation and learning.

So, enjoy your new world… once again. Maybe if this sort of thing (like ice in Atlanta, GA, USA, that stays around for almost a week…) shakes us up often enough, we’ll get comfortable with shifting our paradigms, and see more and more… that change is not so scary as spending your entire life as a Capricorn.