So, I was talking with my friend John the other day, and I mentioned that I tend not to like to have long phone conversations. His reply: “Yeah, I noticed…”

Food for thought.

I think that tendency comes from a few sources.

The first would be phone conversations with “boyfriend” in high school… You know the kind: “So, what are you doing?” “Oh, nothing.” “Yeah? And what are you doing now?” “Oh, just listening to you…”

The second source could be years of studying and practicing Buddhism, 4-1/2 of which I spent as a nun, while much emphasis was placed on avoiding “meaningless activity” and “meaningless speech”… I generally didn’t watch TV (which is why I still think of buildings first, when I hear the word “House” – I was an architect, too) or spend time on the internet (which is why I feel like a real dinosaur as I jump into this postaday thingy).

The third source comes from spending years as a workaholic single mom of a child with special needs – I often just didn’t have the time.

Now that I’m back “in the world”, I’ve got a lot to learn about it (especially as others experience it), and I’m learning the value of friendships and connecting with others.

Several of my new blogging buddies write about getting pissed off, the mind, and  dreams (one of my favorite topics and a new category to add!). I’m finding there are more people out there of like minds than I imagined.

So I’m getting back on the “phone”.