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How shall I describe it?

I have been doing some serious cleansing and repairing to my aura for the past few weeks.  So far it has helped me tremendously.  I’ve done it in a way using Thetahealing and it feels like it gets the job done.

In 2007, Ive learned a lot about AURIC Cleansing and also helping myself to summon colors within my chakras to cleanse and heal areas.  So the past few days have been very successful and I no longer have uncontrolled voices or energies bothering me.  Prior to doing “MAJOR” work on myself with AURIC CLEANSING, I was hearing entities, spirits, ghosts, waywards, fallens and demons.  Whatever they may be….they all communicated at the same time.  It didnt drive me insane.  IT WAS MORE OF LIKE an annoyance.

You try to doze off to sleep and all you hear voices and noises.  I am like a…

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