Spirit Train Chronicles

Some of you may know that I used to be a Vajrayana Buddhist nun. In case you were wondering, this post by Tenzin Peljor (see link below) accomplishes two things.

One, it explains some views on the subject of vows, although it does not address very fully the consequences of breaking or returning vows in much detail (“Hell” is implicit in some circumstances, and probably especially in mine!).

Two, it offers an illustration of one reason why I no longer belong in that expression of a Buddhist world. Most of y’all can put 2 and two together on that one, but I’ll elucidate: Enlightenment just doesn’t HAVE to be so complicated!

I offer the deepest possible gratitude and respect to Venerable Tenzin Peljor, and I cannot find adequate words to express my joy at being here with all of you, during these times when “Things” are gradually and gently being…

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