A few days ago, rather than drive 10 miles to hike 4 miles, I decided just to walk the 2 miles into town.

As I crossed the bridge over a stream that I pass nearly every day, I relished that this time I could actually stop, take my time, and look down into the stream… I did a double-take!

Amidst the sepia monochrome of rocks, silt, branches, and fallen leaves… Well, see for yourself!

I stood there for a moment, rather awed to ponder how a keyboard (and a well-muddied one) could end up in a stream bed. It seems to have camouflaged itself, as if to hide its secrets.

Now, as I write, it occurs to me that this keyboard symbolizes several themes converging in my life lately.

Sometimes all we can do is marvel and appreciate, when the reasoning escapes us.

Here’s wishing you a day that lifts your spirits, totally beyond reason!

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