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No surfers this morning… This was around July 23.
It was quite still…
I may have to find a board just so I can swim out and dangle my legs…



the dog arrived later…


I know there are many words I could use to describe what it was like sitting and watching this scene… Yet I feel so much peace, just looking at this image and remembering, that trying to find words seems remarkably…………

Mickler’s Beach, Florida. July 5, 2013. Around 7 am.

Ponte Vedra Beach, just south of Jacksonville, Florida.

I’ve moved again, and this is my new back yard!

After a working stint in Atlanta for the past five months, I returned to Pagosa Springs (one version of heaven) and soon accepted a job in Jacksonville Beach, Florida (there’s always another heaven, it seems…).

So in the past week, I’ve driven from the semi arid, freezing (-28F in January) mountains (el. 7,000 feet) to the very flat, humid and hot beaches and marshes of north Florida (el. 14 feet). Along the way I’ve passed through the dustbowl of the Texas panhandle (BIG dust devils dissolving just short of the highway!) and the flooded and sometimes devastated plains of Oklahoma and Arkansas…

The warm company of dear family and friends have punctuated this journey of extremes… Waking hours have featured dream-like sequences of sights, thoughts and sensations, while dreams themselves have carried me into new yet familiar settings and companions.

How would I summarize what this feels like? Wonder and gratitude.

I feel blessed by the adventure of this life. May everyone enjoy this sense of peace, resolve, and optimism.

It’s so beautiful here right now.

I was struck by the range of “suggestions” in this scene: from the tip jar to the “don’ts”.

The grounds of the Talladega SuperSpeedway in the aftermath of the 2013 qualifying rounds…

“Alrahtey, sir, that’ll be eleven thirty-eight, an’ we’ll see yah at the winduh.”

“All raht, we’ll be raht there…”

“Well Ah hope so!”

(Five minutes later…)

“Well, yah made it!”

(laughter) “Yep, we sure did!”

(Ain’t no place lahk home… Warms thuh cockles o’ muh heart… Please let meh know if yuh’d lahk uh translation…)

vast ocean
vast skies
vast light
vast wonder