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Do you see the tiny black speck in the center-right of the photo above?
That’s a hawk that hovered completely motionless on the wind as I sat and watched for several minutes. Wow, imagine just floating on a draft, so high you can see all around you for miles, and all you need to do is remain still…

Soon another bird joined it, and they soared and reeled about…
You may see the hawk a little better in the photo below:


I finally drove up to Jack’s Pasture last Thursday near sunset. Since I’m unsure when I’ll next return to Pagosa, there are some spots I want to be sure to visit before I leave for Florida…

I drove from Pagosa Springs to Durango on Thursday, to meet a friend for a movie. All along the way, from Pagosa to Bayfield, I was accompanied by these wonderful dancing clouds… It felt quite magical to feel their depth while moving around them.

clarity of the mind…

These particularly caught my eye because the large ovals in the foreground shimmered with green and magenta iridescence. It would have been wonderful if my camera phone could have captured the subtle radiance…

And look at how the three in front of the sun align with the three to the north!

Taken around 7pm on 84, the east end of Pagosa Springs. May 20, 2013.

I increased the exposure about 25% and the saturation about 30%. iPhone 4.

It’s so beautiful here right now.

20130427-113735.jpgI found this little forest of magical stupas in the San Juan River one morning… The lapping water froze and formed them overnight. A few days later, they appeared in a dream I had…


funny little fellow
rock for a head
your spears and arrows loom bigger than you
lie still and bask
the chill will pass
for you will thaw, and soon…