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dive within, the water’s divine

spring forth and slip from branches
sink into crystalline oblivion
thawing wisdom melts as the creaking trunks fly past
beyond burrowing many thoughts become one

Now, in late January, this is just funny…

And my not having “finally” posted this indicates how scattered my mind and life have been lately.

Pagosa has had several feet of snow at this point… And I’m not even there any more! For the moment, that is…

I got a call in late November about some potential work in Atlanta. Surprise! I really enjoy working with the person who called, and of course if it’s mall design work, it’s right up my concourse. So I worked remotely for a few weeks, and we realized that I needed to be in Atlanta.

I’ve been back and forth a couple times now, and this morning I’m really missing “my mountains” and the snow. Yeah, we’ve got “cold” here in Atlanta, but after a few months in Pagosa, this merely feels like “chilly”. And I never realized what an affinity I have for snow, until it “finally” arrived in Pagosa.

I’ll be back there soon…

Light Plant Road 14 December 2012 Light Plant Road 14 December 2012


unretouched (if out of focus…) pic from iphone4

From what I hear from the “Old Locals” (I refer to myself here as a “New Local”…), The Snow has been late this year in Pagosa. In fact, it’s anticipated arrival seems to have triggered more anxiety than the Presidential Elections, since so much of the local prosperity seems to hinge on whether or not the Wolf Creek Ski Area is open. And for that, it seems you need snow.

I think my friends Mark and Heidi have struck on a new snow-making technique, and it seems to have worked. I’ll call it: LLASS (Lend Leslee A Snow Shovel). I went by their place last night to pick it up, and, voilá… arrives The Snow!

Now, by my standards, I’d call this more of an Atlanta-style snow, but I’ll wait until I get into town later today to see if the Old Locals even consider this The Snow.

Just the same, I admit my relief that my introduction to Pagosa’s version of the magical, awe-inspiring crystals has been this gentle so far.

I smiled to myself as I made my morning coffee, to notice that the way I feel now reminds me of going into labor with my son… I had been hearing for months, from others, about what it was going to be like. Finally, the day came when I actually felt my own contractions. It still took someone telling me, “Yes, THAT is a contraction”.

So now, I’ll just spend the day watching the slush melt, and wait to discover what it takes before an Old Local tells me: “Yes, that is The Snow“.

Here’s hoping that November finds you all safe and happy!


Please enjoy my latest video on YouTube: Chimney Rock Full Moon!

Charles Martinez offering his flute and music before beginning to play

The photos, film, and sounds were recorded during the Full Moon observation event at Chimney Rock National Monument near Pagosa Springs, Colorado, on September 29, 2012. Program by Archaeoastronomer Charles Sutcliffe; Native American flute music (and flute-making!) by Charles Martinez.

The event ended early due to a beautiful and dramatic electrical storm that came through that evening. This produced some amazing light in the Spires and surrounding landscape.

Packing up to begin the trek down the slope… surrounded by lightning!

A little splash of color in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA…

Town Park, looking towards San Juan River

Wetlands along the San Juan in Old Town

Along the San Juan River, through Old Town

Dusk – County Road 119, near Hwy 84


blanco river

river bend

trail of cones

tiny glen

come along

have a seat



go within

Finally getting around to posting some photos of Pagosa Springs! Today ends Week Three… Still settling in, still loving it!


Country Road 119… It’s sort of like my driveway… San Juan mountains in the distance.

One foggy morning last week…

Main Street – Highway 160 – at dusk

That same evening… A beautiful sunset at the lake in New Town. This is a fairly typical sunset… Always dramatic!

Met some friends for a bite to eat in Old Town, by the San Juan river… That’s my friend Jason and me.

One of the hot springs on the River Walk in Old Town, at night… The “mound” is mineral deposits from the water. Based on the smell, I’d say it’s mostly sulphur…

A glowing end to the weekend’s balloon rally!

Earlier in the week, hiking with Mark Kimmel up on the Continental Divide trail… He’s standing on one of the Wolf Creek ski runs. We saw the first snow of the year (I learned what “corn snow” is!), although it turned to rain quite quickly.

Wolf Creek Pass… Looking west towards Pagosa, on that same misty day. Just breath-taking… All from a volcano, 3 million years young.