Finally getting around to posting some photos of Pagosa Springs! Today ends Week Three… Still settling in, still loving it!


Country Road 119… It’s sort of like my driveway… San Juan mountains in the distance.

One foggy morning last week…

Main Street – Highway 160 – at dusk

That same evening… A beautiful sunset at the lake in New Town. This is a fairly typical sunset… Always dramatic!

Met some friends for a bite to eat in Old Town, by the San Juan river… That’s my friend Jason and me.

One of the hot springs on the River Walk in Old Town, at night… The “mound” is mineral deposits from the water. Based on the smell, I’d say it’s mostly sulphur…

A glowing end to the weekend’s balloon rally!

Earlier in the week, hiking with Mark Kimmel up on the Continental Divide trail… He’s standing on one of the Wolf Creek ski runs. We saw the first snow of the year (I learned what “corn snow” is!), although it turned to rain quite quickly.

Wolf Creek Pass… Looking west towards Pagosa, on that same misty day. Just breath-taking… All from a volcano, 3 million years young.