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spring forth and slip from branches
sink into crystalline oblivion
thawing wisdom melts as the creaking trunks fly past
beyond burrowing many thoughts become one


Heroic poses
No one ‘noses…
It’s a tumble-down, fumble-clown, mossy hill to roll…

Trice we might
Try as we might
As long as we laugh,
It’ll be okay.

beach at gulf shores alabama

I just got back from four glorious days on the Gulf Coast. Please enjoy a brief minute of peaceful surf!

just a beach minute…

Check out this video on YouTube:

This week marks a number of anniversaries, and I’ve discovered that certain types of reflection serve no useful purpose.

Sometimes, the deeper we go, the darker it gets.

Sometimes, to find the light, we just need to look away from the mirror.

A simple photograph in a brightly lit room…

whence the darkness?

Step away from the mirror, and all becomes more bright.

A whole new layer of meaning emerges for the word “selflessness”.


Swirling vortex, sheer force of will …

Tornadoes possess ┬áthe powerful ability to clear and raze anything that cannot withstand their relentless forces…

Outer tornadoes may be seen clearly with the physical eyes, and felt with the outer senses. They instantaneously generate fear and respect as well as sympathy and kind actions.

Inner tornadoes clear the ground in intensely personal ways, sometimes undetected by our inner radar before they barrel through our lives… They mysteriously transform in ways that may become apparent to others only over time…

There are many lines in life to be drawn, aren’t there?

I miss my blogging friends, I hope you’re all well!