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Hi Everyone!

In November 2016, after another tsunami of life-changing events, I decided to take my writing more seriously.

I founded a publishing company, Lotus Dance Press, and started a new personal site,

I’ve also got a Facebook page (please like me!), and am working on an Instagram presence.

If  you’ve enjoying reading and looking at what I’ve shared over the years here on, please hop over to one or all of those venues, and travel along with me there!

Lotus Dance Press published 21 Steps to Happiness in October 2018, and it’s now available on Amazon (or you can request it at your local bookstore). We’ve just  dropped the price, in time for holiday gift-giving!

21 STEPS-COVER_20180823

There’s a Coloring Book version too!


Also in the works are a new novel, Sophia Learns to Fly (working title).

A young non-neuro-typical DNA research scientist pits her intuition and free-time obsessions against a strict research lab culture to prove that not all humans are really all-human… With a little help from her off-world friends.


and I’m working on several more Coloring Books that I hope to publish in early 2019.


I hope you’ll join me soon!

Best wishes for joyous holidays and a wonderful 2019!




how much we complement each other…

This sketch looks at common threads that run through our lives, throughout our lifetimes…


tiny little boxes

that we live in lifetime after lifetime

…insulated, separated…

karmically irradiated

sometimes it’s hard to see the connecting threads.

There are many lines in life to be drawn, aren’t there?

I miss my blogging friends, I hope you’re all well!

She holds a place for now… more to come soon…


Fourth in a Series of Four.

Getting there:

10. completion

11. dissolution

12. acceptance

Moving right along.

sketches 1-3

sketches 4-6

sketches 7-9


Third in a Series of Four… from a time of confusion and hope.

8. curiosity

9. resolve

10. action

Action carries us forward.


sketches 1-3

sketches 4-7

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the wonderful idea of using my artwork as blog posts!

For three weeks now I’ve been scrambling double-time, writing frantically and then scurrying to create original images for the posts… It never occurred to me that folks might just enjoy the images for their own sake.

I made this sketch yesterday while waiting on a bookstore to open… One of my friends was really on my mind, and I sketched, wishing the love that I was putting into the sketch to find its way to them.

I was thinking about how often we move through sadness and confusion and fear to get to better places. Along the way, the world can feel dark and terrifying.

Sometimes when we detect the tiniest tear in the veil of illusion of this world, the shaky ground seems to yield into abyss…

This afternoon, I added color to the sketch… You’ll get to see it in a couple days!


Second in a Series of Four.

From a 25-year-old sketchbook of mine…

Change and difference are both good.

4. separation

5. interaction

6. fear

Progress is inevitable.


sketches 1-3

My friend John and I were hanging out listening to some live music a few weeks ago…

Open Mic night in a small local venue… Conversation? Out of the question.

I remembered my pack of ATCs (artist trading cards) and fountain pens. We decided to take turns sketching on the cards…

We each sketched for a few minutes, and then swapped cards and continued the drawing the other person had been working on.

Here you see one of the sketches. Maybe John will scan and post the one he kept…

I love that I can hardly even remember which lines are “mine”, versus “his”.

I often consider “my art” so personal, so self-expressive…

Giving away authorship on these sketches bumped me out of self-absorption and into a new understanding of the Emptiness of “art”.