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how much we complement each other…

I love this in-between week each year.

Wedged between the family/friend/work holiday bustle, and the New Year’s beginning, anything may happen.

I decided to take a little time and unfold this year of unfolding.

I dedicate this post to all my loved ones and friends, especially those with whom I’ve not been in touch as much as I would have liked. I love you all and think of you often, even if I seldom take the time to tell you that. And I hope you know who you are… if you wonder whether you’re one, then you are one :)

The rose blooms, while spinning wildly…

Centrifugal force flings the petals wide; centripetal force draws the heart in tenderly. Reflection yields peace of mind.

I’ve learned that I can be both spontaneous and thoughtful without contradiction.

I’ve learned that I can be both fearless and scared s**tless at the same time.

I’ve learned that there are some secrets best kept hidden, and some best shared. And that none of them merit shame.

I’ve learned that what was lost may easily be replaced.

I’ve learned to trust and leap – it all turns out fine in the ‘end’.

I’m learning to trust myself…

I’ve learned to accept my wrinkles and aches, and the brevity of life.

I’ve learned who I was in some previous lives, and that helps me understand that sometimes it’s good to have a brief life.

I’ve learned that I’m not crazy, and that I’m not alone.

And that even if I were crazy and alone, that would be okay, too.

I’ve learned that life and needs and wishes flow unpredictably…

So I decided just to lie back into the current and watch the sky as I travel.

I’ve learned that I don’t need to be afraid of telling people what I think and believe and experience… but it helps if I don’t expect them to understand.

They can love me anyway – it’s possible.

So, my friends, this little blog exposes just the tip of the iceberg of what’s been going on in my life recently.

If you look on All About Enlightenment, you’ll get a glimpse of something that began for me back in 2010. That’s been a huge part of my life since then. Lately I’ve been focusing on using it to publish the parts of the book by the same name. But as soon as I get the last half-dozen or so sections posted, I’ll start talking more about how I came to this point, and how I use the pendulum.

It’s pretty wild. I’ve been talking with Enlightened Beings.

If you look on Because U Think To Ask, you’ll get a very early peek at something that arose in my life very recently (this past September). I’m still trying to make sense of it all, but I think I’m onto something here, because through this I’ve connected some really wonderful people who have really pure hearts. That refreshes me.

It’s pretty wild, too. Now I’m also talking with “Extra-Terrestrials”.

What surprised me about this the most is that I’m seeing that the line, veil, whatever you want to call it, between the two types of being becomes very, very thin at times.

As I come to understand better how things work together in this Universe, it deeply reassures me.

I’ve learned that most of the people in this world seem to be terrified of the unknown. But, you know what? There’s nothing to fear.

If you look on Raging Pandit (once I get something posted…), you’ll find some strong words that need saying about modern Buddhism and faith and religion in general.

Many of you know that I was a Buddhist nun for 4-1/2 years; these posts will help explain why I’m not one any more.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, meeting me on the lane, and appearing in my dreams. I love you all.

May we all have an eye-opening, heart-warming, soul-inspiring 2012.

I sat down a few days ago and tried a new approach to my sketch journal…

I just followed my “intuition”, and the pen went on a rather wild journey across the paper, in a line that jumps and squiggles and sweeps back and forth, up and down, with WORDS interspersed.

I hope the resolution on this image is high enough that those who are interested can make out the words and follow their progression…

One thing I understand is that they can really be read in any sequence, carrying different meanings, all of which are accurate.

I’m not sure if this sketch is completed yet… Every day seems to fill in a little more of the “gaps”!

Swirling vortex, sheer force of will …

Tornadoes possess  the powerful ability to clear and raze anything that cannot withstand their relentless forces…

Outer tornadoes may be seen clearly with the physical eyes, and felt with the outer senses. They instantaneously generate fear and respect as well as sympathy and kind actions.

Inner tornadoes clear the ground in intensely personal ways, sometimes undetected by our inner radar before they barrel through our lives… They mysteriously transform in ways that may become apparent to others only over time…


For the past week I’ve been swimming in a new life: a new job, a new routine, a new environment.

I flew to Nashville, Tennessee (USA) for a whirlwind tour of a shopping mall that flooded over a year ago. It’s now spotlessly clean – and empty. The space cries tears of longing for people to meander its floors again.

I’m struck by the parallel:

My life suddenly submerged in a new manifestation, and this building (and city) rising from submersion.

Inundation pervades.

Whenever I begin a new design project, I research the history and culture of the area, in hopes that knowledge will lend a deeper understanding of the people the building will serve.

I learned that Tennessee knows floods.

From a geological standpoint, middle Tennessee is in a basin: newer (but still about 500 million years old) sedimentary rock where dinosaurs swam. Basins should expect to receive water. But the residents don’t see it that way. They still strive to make sense of their memories of an inundation that changed their lives.

The area has known great upheaval, and now I join the many, dreaming to rebuild dreams.

Here’s a quote from

In the northwest corner of the state, Reelfoot Lake was formed by the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812. One eyewitness recalled the spectacle:

“Groves of trees disappeared and fissures in the earth vomited forth sand water . . . the atmosphere was so saturated with sulphurous vapors as to cause total darkness; trees cracked and fell into the roaring Mississippi.”

Some people said the Mississippi River flowed backward three days to fill the 45-square-mile basin that was formed. Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge now occupies part of the basin. Geologists say another major earthquake can be expected in the early twentieth century.

How about that…

When it rains, it pours; when the earth heaves, it often floods.

Flooding bestows fertile plains.

Yes, life is good.


Diagnose & inhibit people with voices speaking the truth so others might hear.

(what does this mean to you?)

Make yourself known.

(unknown artist deserves credit.)

Make a new image of yourself.

(keep going.)

(Squiggly red line on the screen. . . Word. Word doesn’t understand or define “Asperger’s”. . . )

(this post is part one of a script for an upcoming video on autism, asperger’s syndrome and adhd. the preliminary version of the video may be viewed here.)

Diagnose & medicate people who tune into the Realm of All Knowing and decipher the code of the Universe.

People with ADHD know instinctively that everything interconnects.

Some people function effectively while engaging both sides of the brain. Some people perceive most clearly when they appear to “tune out”.

Some people learn affection by perceiving others’ emotions inside themselves.

Disrupting these natural tendencies may disrupt the individual’s peace.

Let your heartbeats echo the Universe





Let yourself learn intuitively.


DESERVES acknowledgement.

Let yourself be led.

Everything flows

Everything congeals

Everything reveals

Everything subsides

Everything resides

Everything abides

People with ADHD know instinctively that everything interconnects.