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7 angels

7 angels


shifting perspective

mind's eye differences


sitting in the sun

sitting in the sun

ink hand background-small

ink hand

Day 3 of the 5-Day Art Challenge….

Ink sketches. I doodled several in 2001, while sitting in a hot vendor’s booth in an art show in North Georgia. Architecture meets the landscape, sliding along trickles of fountain-pen ink.

I bet you can guess which one was done years later while sitting in some rather boring CEU lectures about building materials… fountain pen on watercolor paper.

The others just came along on a whim…

SACRIFICE, by Cheri Roman. Cover by Leslee Hare.

SACRIFICE cover by Leslee Hare.

ECHO, by Tracie Roberts. Cover by Leslee Hare.

ECHO cover by Leslee Hare.

BLUR, by Tracie Roberts. Cover by Leslee Hare.

BLUR cover by Leslee Hare.

AAE FRONT_20141231-HV-2

AAE FRONT_20141231-LD

Day 2 of the 5-Day Art Challenge – digital illustration!

Thanks soar from my keyboard to Cheri Roman and Tracie Roberts for asking me to illustrate their book covers: the stuff of my most dearly held life-long dreams.

Sacrifice (Cheri Roman) is mostly painted in Photoshop with some digital collage elements; Echo and Blur (Tracie Roberts) are photo manipulation with added special effects. Title and cover layout concepts for Cheri and Tracie’s books are by the authors and Renu Sharma.

All About Enlightenment: two draft covers for my own book, still shimmering tentatively in the cryptic coding of Word documents and CreateSpace uploads…

There’s an on-going debate about which cover to use… Preferences?


My friend Kelly DeSousa tagged me in Facebook with the ‘5-Day Art Challenge’; months later, here we go! I did these drawings in Crayon, several weeks ago when I was home sick and didn’t feel like doing anything else.

These days I can get my hands on a huge tub of countless colors, including glittery and metallic… And all these years after sitting in my parents’ bed drawing while home sick from school, I still grab Lilac and Periwinkle as my favorites.

I remember refusing to use yellow because I didn’t think it showed up on the paper. I still think that, but now I understand ‘glow’ a little better, so I use it when I need that light.

I think I’m supposed to tag someone else to take up the Challenge – anybody wanna go for a round?




Sketchbook:Early Fall.

My fellow blogger Ben Naga posted this last Sunday:


The elegance in the room
That no one notices normally
And is rarely spoken of
Remains when everyone departs

~Ben Naga
an empty room awaiting its contents

It calls to mind for me the moment whenever I remember that I’m not “alone”, no matter how empty and alone a room might feel…

And how our Guidance patiently awaits us, no matter how far we stray…