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SACRIFICE, by Cheri Roman. Cover by Leslee Hare.

SACRIFICE cover by Leslee Hare.

ECHO, by Tracie Roberts. Cover by Leslee Hare.

ECHO cover by Leslee Hare.

BLUR, by Tracie Roberts. Cover by Leslee Hare.

BLUR cover by Leslee Hare.

AAE FRONT_20141231-HV-2

AAE FRONT_20141231-LD

Day 2 of the 5-Day Art Challenge – digital illustration!

Thanks soar from my keyboard to Cheri Roman and Tracie Roberts for asking me to illustrate their book covers: the stuff of my most dearly held life-long dreams.

Sacrifice (Cheri Roman) is mostly painted in Photoshop with some digital collage elements; Echo and Blur (Tracie Roberts) are photo manipulation with added special effects. Title and cover layout concepts for Cheri and Tracie’s books are by the authors and Renu Sharma.

All About Enlightenment: two draft covers for my own book, still shimmering tentatively in the cryptic coding of Word documents and CreateSpace uploads…

There’s an on-going debate about which cover to use… Preferences?


We’ve had some strong weather coming in the past few days, so last night I paid a visit to the beach at dusk. The full-ish moon is hiding – do you see it?

The orange barricade netting on the right is to protect a sea turtle nest… This photo was taken about an hour into high tide, so I’d say the chances that the nest is still there this morning are, well… Maybe those little guys are ready to hatch.

The post on the far right is for a beach volleyball net.

…amplifying the light…

I’ve moved again, and this is my new back yard!

After a working stint in Atlanta for the past five months, I returned to Pagosa Springs (one version of heaven) and soon accepted a job in Jacksonville Beach, Florida (there’s always another heaven, it seems…).

So in the past week, I’ve driven from the semi arid, freezing (-28F in January) mountains (el. 7,000 feet) to the very flat, humid and hot beaches and marshes of north Florida (el. 14 feet). Along the way I’ve passed through the dustbowl of the Texas panhandle (BIG dust devils dissolving just short of the highway!) and the flooded and sometimes devastated plains of Oklahoma and Arkansas…

The warm company of dear family and friends have punctuated this journey of extremes… Waking hours have featured dream-like sequences of sights, thoughts and sensations, while dreams themselves have carried me into new yet familiar settings and companions.

How would I summarize what this feels like? Wonder and gratitude.

I feel blessed by the adventure of this life. May everyone enjoy this sense of peace, resolve, and optimism.

I finally drove up to Jack’s Pasture last Thursday near sunset. Since I’m unsure when I’ll next return to Pagosa, there are some spots I want to be sure to visit before I leave for Florida…

More beautiful sylphs near Bayfield, CO…
These images powerfully spark my imagination, with their flashes of light and clouds sending tendrils downwards…

I drove from Pagosa Springs to Durango on Thursday, to meet a friend for a movie. All along the way, from Pagosa to Bayfield, I was accompanied by these wonderful dancing clouds… It felt quite magical to feel their depth while moving around them.

These particularly caught my eye because the large ovals in the foreground shimmered with green and magenta iridescence. It would have been wonderful if my camera phone could have captured the subtle radiance…

And look at how the three in front of the sun align with the three to the north!

Taken around 7pm on 84, the east end of Pagosa Springs. May 20, 2013.

I increased the exposure about 25% and the saturation about 30%. iPhone 4.