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A potted rose geranium lives on my back stoop. Surprisingly.

I didn’t expect it to make it through the winter; in fact, I didn’t expect it to make it through last summer. It’s tall and lanky, gangling about the corner of the brick wall. The leaves waited until August to begin growing less than 4 inches apart. I let it shiver in drought throughout the winter.

But yesterday afternoon, I noticed that each branch wears a tiara of soft green buds… and a few blossoms are beginning to peek through their capes of green.

I smile, for nature’s resilience and the ever-flowing cycle of the seasons.


Do you see the tiny black speck in the center-right of the photo above?
That’s a hawk that hovered completely motionless on the wind as I sat and watched for several minutes. Wow, imagine just floating on a draft, so high you can see all around you for miles, and all you need to do is remain still…

Soon another bird joined it, and they soared and reeled about…
You may see the hawk a little better in the photo below:

I drove from Pagosa Springs to Durango on Thursday, to meet a friend for a movie. All along the way, from Pagosa to Bayfield, I was accompanied by these wonderful dancing clouds… It felt quite magical to feel their depth while moving around them.