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Hi Everyone!

In November 2016, after another tsunami of life-changing events, I decided to take my writing more seriously.

I founded a publishing company, Lotus Dance Press, and started a new personal site,

I’ve also got a Facebook page (please like me!), and am working on an Instagram presence.

If  you’ve enjoying reading and looking at what I’ve shared over the years here on, please hop over to one or all of those venues, and travel along with me there!

Lotus Dance Press published 21 Steps to Happiness in October 2018, and it’s now available on Amazon (or you can request it at your local bookstore). We’ve just  dropped the price, in time for holiday gift-giving!

21 STEPS-COVER_20180823

There’s a Coloring Book version too!


Also in the works are a new novel, Sophia Learns to Fly (working title).

A young non-neuro-typical DNA research scientist pits her intuition and free-time obsessions against a strict research lab culture to prove that not all humans are really all-human… With a little help from her off-world friends.


and I’m working on several more Coloring Books that I hope to publish in early 2019.


I hope you’ll join me soon!

Best wishes for joyous holidays and a wonderful 2019!




I was deeply honored on 22 December to spend 2 hours with Vince Martin and Brangwynn Christina Ravenheart, on the Talk With Vince Show.

Vince and Brangwynn

Vince and Brangwynn

After knowing about this for several months, when it got down to the last minute, I didn’t have time to post before the show to let everyone know about this! If you visit the link below and scroll down a little, you’ll see the links to the show

We covered a lot of topics, although I think Vince wanted most to know about “nuns and sex”, so that one kept popping back up!

I’m sitting here trying to find the words to express how deeply touched I am by the connections with Vince and Brangwynn. I feel like I’ve found a couple of friends I haven’t seen in ages, and that day was one of the most powerful I’ve experienced in this life.

If you’re able to find the time to listen to the archive, I hope there will be something there that you enjoy and find meaningful.

Many thanks to Vince, Brangwynn, and Erma, and in some ways, most of all to Arianna, for suggesting me as a guest to Vince.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2012!


Another intuitive sketch with words; I’m not sure I understand the meaning or significance of all the words…

Comments are welcome, might help me make better sense of them!

“What a jumble.

“Many others fill our spaces and offer examples of ways we may awaken…

“Allah seeps in where there are gaps needing filling and makes things whole

” ‘Jesus’ lives in a circle that is a closed loop

“Jesus lives on vibrantly in the hearts of all…

“God is bigger than one dream

“(this was an enso until everyone arrived)

“Krsna simply… is love.

“U are greater than the Universe or you.

“Buddhas wish no one would notice them… but listen anyway.

“All ° bring us to one still point

“of being together as oNe.”

I hope all my kind mothers has a wonderful Mothers’ Day!

How to get outta this place…

When I was a child, I loved this particular part of church services: opening the hymnal as the organ’s chords filled the space.

The sanctuary filled with voices of all qualities singing beautiful hymns, and I felt wafted away on the promise of possibility.

Kirtan, Qawwali, and Buddhist chanting affect me the same way. And wonderful new music can be found that transports through hip-hop beats and ambient sound.

At some point recently, I noticed that I prefer music with incomprehensible lyrics or vocalizations. Why on earth would I rather NOT understand the verbal message?

I meditated (thought) about this a bit, and noticed that music conveys its message not only through the precise meaning of the words, but through the many layers of beat, melody, harmony, surprise, tone, timbre, key, note… every abstract bit and aspect of sound and mood flows into music to open our minds.

I’ll share my personal favorite: Rachid Taha’s music. I know a little about him, and have all of his albums (that I can find). I understand  a little about the situation of Muslim Algerian ex-pats in France. But unless the words are in French (or I look it up online), I have no idea what his lyrics – literally – mean.

And that’s okay. It actually helps that I’m clueless.

When I listen to Taha’s music, I receive this: an underlying  chorus of joyous tenacity that tells me that life is worth living, no matter how angry we get, no matter what we lose in the process of following our dreams, no matter what kind of crap we have to put up with along the way.

Music offers this by re-routing our rational, left-brain thinking and pumping all we’ve got into the right brain…

Into the body.

Music engages the entire body, to dis-engage us from our sense of “is that all there is?”.

Instead, music gives us possibility.

So go on and tap your fingers and toes, and sway side to side. Let music take your entire being to the play and places you really want to go.

(For more esoteric explanations, please check out this post and this post. Thanks!)