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All About Enlightenment


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fog-wrapped near view world
keep both eyes on road?
persistence: to peer beyond

low tide micklers


build me a bridge

so I may return

after I venture where the gentle waves curl

and when I am bones

beneath the sea

may my prow crest like mountains on shores


(Late afternoon 19 January 2014, low tide at Mickler’s Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. From a distance the shards of a wrecked boat hull in a tide pool {home to several clumps of starfish} looked like a miniature mountain range floating on the water…)

vast ocean
vast skies
vast light
vast wonder

shimmering, flickering
appearing in essence
arisen in a sweep of shadow
with needles of pain
and blossoms of joy

the stage feels so solid…
can it really be ought but light?


keep surfacing
returning for more…

more air?
more company?
more slices to tell you “not worthy”?

scarred and concealed
sustained by roots deep and hidden

the cracks heave
the painting peels
and still you return in kindness

ladders and windows
ladders to windows
rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your golden locks
unlock your memory
release your secret wisdom