night life
anniston alabama
what’ll it be
starbucks or mcdonalds?
(is it army or marines?)

best not ask.

the hoppin’ packed joint leaves no asphalt uncovered
the jeep fits on the grass, tho.

(did you see those roll tide gray and crimson stripes on that thang?)

young man with natural ninja camo
and muscles like gourds of shea butter
might have been offended by my “sorry, I didn’t see you”
as I swung the door open into the darkness surrounding his face…
but he’ll never know my preferences
because I’m leaving – right now.

driving home from a wake,
smug atlantan.

superior in my angel-cloud-spotting serendipity
and my blessedness of knowing why i’m here
and my devotion to a friend’s mother.

i have no place for pride here,
or anywhere I may consider home.

we all cry tears of grief
that dissolve the himalayan salt
or lexan walls between us.