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It was 3┬░ F when I woke up this morning…





Last night, when I arrived home from work at around 11:00 pm, I found some remarkable gifts/works of art on my window! It was tricky to clearly capture the textures of the frost (focus and light seemed to have a mind of their own), but the floral patterns were so remarkable, the technical details didn’t seem to matter…


It was also impossible to choose only one photo to share, so I hope you enjoy these several… And Happy 12/12/12!


(adjusted with PhotoToaster on my iPhone)


Off to Pagosa this morning…

Grass near my parents’ house, huge hawk (my animal guide) soaring coasting overhead …

The journey really began once I passed the usual exits in Birmingham and took off NW…

My vision/eyesight even took a shift, like having field of vision framed by blades of grass/glass/light : rainbow-colored, flickering …

It finally expanded to my peripheral vision, leaving simply
magical impressions layered over everything …

Then I made a stop at Natural Bridge … next post!


a Video presentation for the ADHD Coaches Organization Conference, Atlanta GA 2012

[This video is a remix of the original version (;┬áthe original gives a more accurate rendering of the spectrum experience… My friends on the spectrum “got it” immediately… My “neuro-typical” friends said it was too fast and mixed up… So there you have it… Vive la difference! ;)]

A peek inside the experience of very special minds, that receive and filter sensory information in ways that defy “neuro-typical”.

In 2000, Leslee Hare began a journey with many twists and turns. She was working with specialists who eventually diagnosed her son Lucas with Autism. During the process she realized that if Lucas was “Autistic”, then she was certainly “Something” not very far removed along the Spectrum.

Lucas simply rode in high gear, while she coasted along in low gear, under the radar and managing to fit in… somewhat.

Through over a decade of working with Lucas, Leslee became convinced that the “Spectrum” encompasses more than just Autism, Asperger’s, PDD-NOS, Sensory Integration Issues, Proprioceptive Issues, etc.

She perceives that ADHD, Asperger’s and Autism – and many other labels that we use to describe neurological differences, including some “paranormal” phenomena – simply describe different points on the Spectrum.

And the folks who think they’re “neuro-typical” slide along the Spectrum, too. They just happen to have been in the majority… until now.

We all share this ride.

Part One:
High Gear reveals the world that appears to someone with very high-functioning ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, or Autism.

Part Two:
Low Gear filters the world into the more regulated experience of a person who’s managed to qualify as “normal”.

The two versions of Riding The Spectrum loop in sequence.

Experience them both, and glimpse a wider view of the world as it flies by.

(Words, images, direction & production by Leslee Hare; Music by Matthew Pelosi)


Leslee Hare

Keep the words concise and the images overflowing with content. You see everything you’re meant to see, in the many layers of intention and desire.
My tendency to use strong words to express my understanding of life taught me that editing brings deeper understanding. I rant and then sift through the chaff, lifting out the essential grains of my truth. I love getting help and comments from friends. Each word struck and added indicates progress.
I begin with a concept, next comes a script, then the images arise from the energy behind the words. I use only original work… my own artwork and fonts, my amateurish photography, half a dozen software programs, and some amazing original music by Matt Pelosi. With this trance-like process, intuition nudges these videos into being.
I hope they help you find another bit of your own inner spark!
9 January 2012

…might as well have a little fun…

For my dear friends Tauno and Lisa…

a jewel of a hidden corner…


(this is a stream near my house… I enhanced the colors and sparkle in Gimp… although the stream truly has a magical quality…)

To my dear friend Babajij… always near…

from 27 February 2012, near Alabaster, Alabama, USA

…the brightness and contrast were enhanced to better show the texture of the feather…

look to the left side of the photo, about halfway from bottom to top...


The other day I was looking at some still pics I took on February 26, 2012…

I didn’t expect to see the blue orbs you can see in the photos… and I do not know what they are! I didn’t see them as I was taking the photographs…

I made a video of the various shots I took… If you look at the video, you’ll see the blue light moves around…

Here’s the link to the video:

Blue Orbs Over Alabama