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It was 3° F when I woke up this morning…





Last night, when I arrived home from work at around 11:00 pm, I found some remarkable gifts/works of art on my window! It was tricky to clearly capture the textures of the frost (focus and light seemed to have a mind of their own), but the floral patterns were so remarkable, the technical details didn’t seem to matter…


It was also impossible to choose only one photo to share, so I hope you enjoy these several… And Happy 12/12/12!


(adjusted with PhotoToaster on my iPhone)



I made these energy wands recently, crystals and metals cast in resin inside a test tube…

Either the resin expanded faster than the glass… or He just didn’t like waiting in the car while I stopped for a coffee … there’s a.nice swirly crack in the glass now…

I’m re-blogging this partially, from my Up 2 the 5th site…

This post builds upon the previous post, a message from Adrial about “The Event”.

The first photo shows a device that my Guide Heruka nudged me to create weekend before last. The second one shows a classic Vajrayana/Tibetan Buddhist Stupa statue.

I didn’t notice the similarities until I was almost finished.

So let’s back up a little bit…

For the past several weeks, at the behest of other nudgings from The Crew (that’s the general term I use for my Guides, with whom I communicate telepathically), I’ve been doing something I never would have done before now…

Casting beautiful crystals into resin!

The purist (not purest…) part of me shudders at the thought… How could I do such a thing to some of Gaia’s most awe-inspiring gifts? But Adrial (from Athabantian) started giving me visuals of objects She wants me to create. And I need the resin to hold things in place.

(If you have any alternative suggestions, please let me know!) [progress]

I know that everything Adrial asks me to do is geared towards helping people ascend & grow spiritually. We know the world is changing rapidly, and I’ve agreed to help Adrial and the Crew of Athabantian in whatever way I can.

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