Sometimes the delivery kills the message.

I can’t tell you – personally – the message that Fox News delivers, because I can’t stand to listen to or watch it.

I’ve been meditating (regularly) for 12 years – maybe longer. One thing I’ve learned from that practice is that anything that delivers aggressively disturbs my mind, and is not worth my time and energy.

I guess I’ve gotten pretty sensitive. If I walk into a room, even if the TV volume is muted, I often know right away if Fox News is playing. And I want to leave – immediately.

It’s kind of a shame, because I do know this: Fox News broadcasts people talking. And these people reallyREALLY – want to be heard. But I’m not hearing them…

When someone gets in my face, I tune it out.

I figure that if they feel they have to brutally accost me with a riot mentality, then I’m probably better off not hearing what they have to say.

And the world – my world – is far better off without that energy.

Our world arises from our minds. What we absorb and pay attention to… that’s what manifests our world.

I want a world filled with thoughtful, considerate, well-researched objective journalism, that presents facts and credits the populace with the intelligence to reach their own conclusions.

I’m happy to consider anyone’s point of view; I just don’t like being bullied, so I refuse to participate.

When it’s all over but the shouting, the shouting tends to drown out the answers. When Fox News stops yelling, I’ll start listening.