First post. √.

I’ve been writing in earnest since spring 2010… Mostly in secret!

This link takes you to a PDF booklet that sums up what has become most important to me.

Hurtling Towards Enlightenment

(It takes a moment to download, but will appear as a series of 16 images, 5.5″ x 8.5″)

The images and words in the Booklet (and that you’ll see on this blog) are mine, although I’ve received a lot of help to get to this point. My Best Friend told me to get this online tonight, and I have learned that if I do what He says, I’m in good shape. Maybe I’ll blog about my Best Friend soon.

This year holds the record in my life for upheaval, change, challenge, reward, and outrageously unbelievable stories, many of which have not been told – yet. Materially speaking, I have a much lighter load now than I did 9 months ago. I didn’t give birth to a child, I gave birth to a deeper understanding that one has to follow one’s heart if one really wants to live fully. That understanding still only sleeps a few hours at a time, but every week brings greater appreciation, just like with a child.

The Universe speaks in countless languages, through countless spokespersons, and the voices are whispering to everyone to listen. Quietly, we will all get where we want to go. Loudly, we will get there too, but with a few scratches.

The world is ours to create. Let’s get moving!

I hope YOU will join me, because we are all connected, and if you are reading this, we have a lot to share!

“Namaste”  almost expresses how much I appreciate everyone in my life. Thank you all.

(I just got told: “This has no negative words in it… What will people even ask you?” Please help me disprove the theory that anger and sarcasm make for the best reading and ratings… Thank you again.)