Thank you, Elizabeth, for the wonderful idea of using my artwork as blog posts!

For three weeks now I’ve been scrambling double-time, writing frantically and then scurrying to create original images for the posts… It never occurred to me that folks might just enjoy the images for their own sake.

I made this sketch yesterday while waiting on a bookstore to open… One of my friends was really on my mind, and I sketched, wishing the love that I was putting into the sketch to find its way to them.

I was thinking about how often we move through sadness and confusion and fear to get to better places. Along the way, the world can feel dark and terrifying.

Sometimes when we detect the tiniest tear in the veil of illusion of this world, the shaky ground seems to yield into abyss…

This afternoon, I added color to the sketch… You’ll get to see it in a couple days!