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We’ve had some strong weather coming in the past few days, so last night I paid a visit to the beach at dusk. The full-ish moon is hiding – do you see it?

The orange barricade netting on the right is to protect a sea turtle nest… This photo was taken about an hour into high tide, so I’d say the chances that the nest is still there this morning are, well… Maybe those little guys are ready to hatch.

The post on the far right is for a beach volleyball net.

…treads and threads of water…

No surfers this morning… This was around July 23.
It was quite still…
I may have to find a board just so I can swim out and dangle my legs…


low tide reveals clarity and resonance

…amplifying the light…


…it’s very still this morning.
the flies are biting…
just as with our human minds…