Back in Atlanta for a while…

Once again among the trees, the mysterious clouds, the traffic (and accident attorneys), the jets and the power lines woven through most upward glances.

And there’s noise here.

I’m adjusting… Slowly. And again.

Since 12/12/12, an underlying theme has been weaving itself through my days and nights: “Accept and allow Change. It arrives Slowly. Gradually.” I’m gathering that this is the natural way of things, in this Universe.

I feel immersed in a foreign culture, one that expects, prays for, longs for, immediate/rapid solutions to perceived problems. I also feel plunged into a “cold dunk”, to realize – gradually – that “perfection” NOT = joy/peace/contentment/happiness. And the “problems” may actually indicate their own solutions, if we take a deep breath and look at things from a different point of view.

Moving to Pagosa, I’ve been learning a little about patience and reliance without expectation. Allowing myself to be air-lifted by the hawks and ravens into the skies that change constantly and rapidly and reveal mysteries regularly. Accepting that -9 degrees F in Pagosa feels warmer than 37 degrees F in Atlanta. Home is where the heart is.

When I look back across most of my life, I see tremendous effort expended in attempting to establish ground rules, understand, control surroundings, relationships and outcomes, so that I can prepare myself appropriately. Knots.

Perhaps I’m almost at the point of simply flowing and receiving. I’m learning about Pagosa Time, Hopi Time, and taking My Time, while being thrust back into Atlanta Time.

Change permeates everything in my life right now, and I welcome the change where my energy is shifting towards posting more again. I hope I’ll be sharing various bits on my various blogs, according to topics (Ah, vestiges of control!): dreams, messages I’ve received, drawings, pictures and words…

Much is happening, it’s just quiet, slow and gradual, and most times there are no words sufficient.

I hope you’re all having a pleasant and peaceful beginning of 2013, and I look forward to traveling the year with you.