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During my walk this morning, taking pics of nearby Shoal Creek, I thought I saw a ghost move across the lens!

I snapped wildly as the specter floated about, but I was unable to see anything with my naked eyes…

I kept watching, annoyed by the mosquitoes that just wouldn’t leave me alone while I was trying to capture my ghosts!!!


(clears throat)…

I guess since I’ve seen how dust motes can cause “angel-orbs”, it only makes sense that skeeters can cause “demon-shades”…

Can you see the gray blobs in the pics below?

decatur, ga usa…
modified with dynamic light…





All right, Post A Day friends, let’s go diving!

Actually, I first wished to be an “Injun” and live off of nuts and berries in the wild; forget the Cowboys (well, until I saw my first Clint Eastwood Western, but that’s another story)…

Then, I read some Norse mythology and aspired vigorously to Viking-hood… But the gender issue presented itself pretty quickly, not to mention the dilemma of bringing historical figures into the present…

I finally settled, quietly and for some time, on the fantasy of plunging into azure depths as a photographer for Jacques Cousteau. I didn’t want be Jacques Couteau, I just wanted to dive in, swim around, and record visions of incredible things that live in another world. I wanted to observe, record, and simply enjoy.

How ironic… after so many years of believing I was doing other things, I now realize that I am living my dream come true…

Can you tell that green block is a diving board, and I’m going in again?

Thank you for joining me! Come on in, the water is perfect!

lorem ipsum…*

(*more to come – I’ve decided postaday is all about acceptance!)

Call me lazy… another re-blog…  But Mama Kat is hilarious!

I grabbed this excerpt from “How To Make A Phone Call In A House Full Of Screaming Children”… Read her post if you could use a good laugh!

I could have used this idea a few years ago…

Throw Skittles at your children…One At A Time
They will enjoy this fun game and will scurry away from you to recover the coveted candy. The children will sound happy and well taken care of and the person on the receiving end will think you are a fantastic mother while she deals with her own screaming child on the other end.

Hmmm…. does two posts, every two days, count?

Or, do two posts every two days count?

Enquiring minds want to know… twice!

(where is that copy of strunk and white…?)



all a-twittery

until the wink kicks in.



sometimes buttery

sometimes laced with gin (no, vodka)