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For the beginning of what will hopefully be my last day of driving for a while, here is a little momento of Texas for us all to enjoy! Today makes Day 4 on the road… Towing a very heavy trailer trends to kinda slow things down a bit… Jason and Zoe are wonderful traveling companions, and it’s nice to have company this time! This trip carries a more “practical” energy about it for me… That’s why you haven’t seen many photos our posts… Or, as Jason observed last night: “Please don’t take this the wrong way… But whatever patience you have, goes down with the sun, doesn’t it?” I think that’s about the nicest way anyone has ever said that to me… Yes, I admit that driving 55 mph towing a ton of “possessions” for four days has a less-than-patience-inducing effect on my personality… Bless Jason’s patience! Will try to post a group photo later today… Wish us luck, for getting through the mountains this afternoon! I look forward to catching up with you all more soon!



I’m so sorry they “had” to die… But they gave themselves to a very honorable cause: MY SON cooked dinner with me last night!!! (Oh, and it wasn’t a grilled cheese sandwich or a pizza!)

I am so proud of him… 

Those of you who’ve followed this blog for a while may remember that he has an autism diagnosis… And since he’s turned 15, he’s been on a remarkable tear of learning life skills.

At his own initiative.

Last night, he and I cooked pasta, enhanced a marinara, chopped Belgian endive (…um, no, not for the pasta…), and sauteed shrimp.

He learned what paprika tastes like, and what al dente feels like. Oh, and to wait until the water boils to put the salt in.

But guess what the totally unexpected BONUS was?

When we got home from shopping, I was exhausted from a long, busy day. I was dreading heating up the bottled sauce and waiting on the spaghetti to be done… I just wanted to go lie down.

But when I realized, after a few minutes, that he was actually going to stay there in the kitchen with me and do whatever I asked to help, I became energized! We had fun, the food was excellent, and I felt so good when we were done that I even happily washed up.

We really never know where the next quiet, unassuming gift of love is going to come from, do we?

May we all enjoy such gifts, just when we need them!