For the beginning of what will hopefully be my last day of driving for a while, here is a little momento of Texas for us all to enjoy! Today makes Day 4 on the road… Towing a very heavy trailer trends to kinda slow things down a bit… Jason and Zoe are wonderful traveling companions, and it’s nice to have company this time! This trip carries a more “practical” energy about it for me… That’s why you haven’t seen many photos our posts… Or, as Jason observed last night: “Please don’t take this the wrong way… But whatever patience you have, goes down with the sun, doesn’t it?” I think that’s about the nicest way anyone has ever said that to me… Yes, I admit that driving 55 mph towing a ton of “possessions” for four days has a less-than-patience-inducing effect on my personality… Bless Jason’s patience! Will try to post a group photo later today… Wish us luck, for getting through the mountains this afternoon! I look forward to catching up with you all more soon!