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This is a “place” that I’ve had recurring dreams about, and sometimes I believe I glimpse it when I’m gazing towards the clouds over the ocean horizon…

It’s made of domes of translucent shell and grains of crystalline sand…


Ponte Vedra Beach, just south of Jacksonville, Florida.

More beautiful sylphs near Bayfield, CO…
These images powerfully spark my imagination, with their flashes of light and clouds sending tendrils downwards…

These particularly caught my eye because the large ovals in the foreground shimmered with green and magenta iridescence. It would have been wonderful if my camera phone could have captured the subtle radiance…

And look at how the three in front of the sun align with the three to the north!

Taken around 7pm on 84, the east end of Pagosa Springs. May 20, 2013.

I increased the exposure about 25% and the saturation about 30%. iPhone 4.

vast ocean
vast skies
vast light
vast wonder

shimmering, flickering
appearing in essence
arisen in a sweep of shadow
with needles of pain
and blossoms of joy

the stage feels so solid…
can it really be ought but light?


keep surfacing
returning for more…

more air?
more company?
more slices to tell you “not worthy”?

scarred and concealed
sustained by roots deep and hidden

the cracks heave
the painting peels
and still you return in kindness