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so many layers to peel back
so many seasons to adjust
so many moods to center within
the rainbow’s reflected in the dust.

shadow of photographer and bicycle wheel

(I had one of those dreams this morning…)

It seems to be the only type of dream I remember these days…

I found myself in a world that so closely resembled this one, I wasn’t sure it was different.

But it was.

(If you’ve read any of the His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman, you know what I mean)

Buildings there began spontaneously bursting into flames (no one was being hurt, thankfully… and no smoke… how cool!), and I knew that meant my time and work there were finished, and it was time to go.

So I called 911 on my mobile, and began to gather my things together, making sure I had the essentials:

…my journals, my bag with my pendulum-making supplies, and my bicycle…

I was done with the phone… no need for it any more.

In the past, in these dreams, I’ve always fretting about making sure I had my wallet as well. Not this time. No need.

As I walked up the hill, I remembered that my son was with me in this world, too.

And he looked exactly the same. Except his name was Wisco.

I found him at the transfer point, looking for me in the crowd. He had my bike! Good man!!!

We met amidst the bustle of confused people scurrying about, turned to walk together, and the dream ended.

It was a good dream.


For the past week I’ve been swimming in a new life: a new job, a new routine, a new environment.

I flew to Nashville, Tennessee (USA) for a whirlwind tour of a shopping mall that flooded over a year ago. It’s now spotlessly clean – and empty. The space cries tears of longing for people to meander its floors again.

I’m struck by the parallel:

My life suddenly submerged in a new manifestation, and this building (and city) rising from submersion.

Inundation pervades.

Whenever I begin a new design project, I research the history and culture of the area, in hopes that knowledge will lend a deeper understanding of the people the building will serve.

I learned that Tennessee knows floods.

From a geological standpoint, middle Tennessee is in a basin: newer (but still about 500 million years old) sedimentary rock where dinosaurs swam. Basins should expect to receive water. But the residents don’t see it that way. They still strive to make sense of their memories of an inundation that changed their lives.

The area has known great upheaval, and now I join the many, dreaming to rebuild dreams.

Here’s a quote from

In the northwest corner of the state, Reelfoot Lake was formed by the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812. One eyewitness recalled the spectacle:

“Groves of trees disappeared and fissures in the earth vomited forth sand water . . . the atmosphere was so saturated with sulphurous vapors as to cause total darkness; trees cracked and fell into the roaring Mississippi.”

Some people said the Mississippi River flowed backward three days to fill the 45-square-mile basin that was formed. Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge now occupies part of the basin. Geologists say another major earthquake can be expected in the early twentieth century.

How about that…

When it rains, it pours; when the earth heaves, it often floods.

Flooding bestows fertile plains.

Yes, life is good.

I wish I could find words to describe to my new friend Ryeder (whose phenomenal photo I’ve borrowed) what this image represents to me.

It reminds me immensely of a dream I had years ago… and I want to go back there, up into the mists that dissolve into light…

It also gives a wonderful illustration to the end of my cautionary tale on meditation

Most importantly, I simply want to share his amazing photos with you.

So, I was talking with my friend John the other day, and I mentioned that I tend not to like to have long phone conversations. His reply: “Yeah, I noticed…”

Food for thought.

I think that tendency comes from a few sources.

The first would be phone conversations with “boyfriend” in high school… You know the kind: “So, what are you doing?” “Oh, nothing.” “Yeah? And what are you doing now?” “Oh, just listening to you…”

The second source could be years of studying and practicing Buddhism, 4-1/2 of which I spent as a nun, while much emphasis was placed on avoiding “meaningless activity” and “meaningless speech”… I generally didn’t watch TV (which is why I still think of buildings first, when I hear the word “House” – I was an architect, too) or spend time on the internet (which is why I feel like a real dinosaur as I jump into this postaday thingy).

The third source comes from spending years as a workaholic single mom of a child with special needs – I often just didn’t have the time.

Now that I’m back “in the world”, I’ve got a lot to learn about it (especially as others experience it), and I’m learning the value of friendships and connecting with others.

Several of my new blogging buddies write about getting pissed off, the mind, and  dreams (one of my favorite topics and a new category to add!). I’m finding there are more people out there of like minds than I imagined.

So I’m getting back on the “phone”.